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Our Sunpack brand offers a wide range of EPS boxes to suit your needs from Fish Boxes and Home Delivery Boxes through to insulating containers for Pharmaceuticals and Protective Packaging for fragile goods.

EPS is the long established and globally preferred material for protective packaging. The thermal performance, impact resistance and proven environmental credentials provide the best solution for transporting high value sensitive goods.

Certified Food Safe our EPS Boxes are ideal for fresh fish, meats, soft fruits and vegetables whether transporting for Home Delivery, Restaurant Supply or Export. The excellent insulating properties of EPS ensure safe temperatures are maintained during transport retaining freshness and reducing waste.

EPS plays a small but vital role in the health of the nation providing transport boxes with excellent insulating properties for the transport and storage of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, vaccines and donor organs.

We also supply a range of versatile Correx tough packaging for heavy products requiring separation such as wine and beer bottles.

You can find more information on our full range of Sunpack Packaging Solutions by clicking on the applications on the left. If you would like to know more please contact us on 01786 471586 or by e-mail : enquiriesuk@sundolitt.com

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