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Pharma & Medical

Sundolitt uses its design and manufacturing expertise to produce a range of tailored trays, containers and packaging for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. These make the best use of the protective and thermal insulation properties of EPS materials.The products we produce in this sector are manufactured under strict quality conditions to ensure the highest performance and integrity of packaging. We can advise, without obligation, on the most suitable packaging solution for your specialist needs.

These meet such criteria including thermal protection, impact resistance and the need to incorporate suitable traceability labeling etc.

Here are just a few examples of applications using our products in the medical and pharmaceutical sector:

  • Outer protective thermal packaging for delicate and fragile human organs etc
  • Boxes and lidded trays for drugs, medicines, blood and fluid samples
  • Special internally-shaped transit boxes for medical equipment/components etc in transit
  • Lightweight, impact resistant containers for bottles, vials etc

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