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XPS Applications

Sundolitt XPS (extruded polystyrene) has been introduced specifically to meet the needs of high performance insulation in the construction and civil engineering sectors particularly where it may required to withstand extreme loads – for example in solid flooring and foundation applications. It is also ideal for insulating railway lines, airports and roads where heavy load traffic is encountered as well as for industrial floors including cold stores and chilled storage facilities.It is available in square-edged or overlapping section – the latter providing the advantage of preventing thermal bridging should the plates slide apart. XPS is not affected by rain, snow or frost and its closed-pore formulation means it retains its insulation performance even in the event that it is installed in a moist environment or in buildings which may be subjected to leakage, precipitation or ingress of water. It is produced in a wide range of insulation types, thicknesses and formats. Please ask our advice on the suitability of XPS to provide a solution for your project.

XPS Technical Data 

XPS Safety Data

XPS Blue Roof

XPS Green Roof

XPS Flooring

XPS Cold Store Floor

XPS Basement

XPS Car Park Deck

XPS Anaerobic Digesters

XPS300 Drainage Board

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