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Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering

Civil Engineering

EPS has been used as a lightweight fill below road construction since the 1970’s to protect against ground compaction and frost attack. With the very first application in our parent company’s home of Norway the applications of EPS in civil engineering have grown and new grades of EPS have been developed to meet the specific needs of new projects.

Grades of Structural Fill EPS have been developed with a compressive strength up to 500 kPa for use below high speed rail and road constructions. Where higher loads are expected we supply our XPS Boards with strengths up to 700kPa as a top layer over Structural Fill EPS Blocks.

Information on the physical properties and application of Structural Fill can be found in the datasheet sheet below. You can also read about the many benefits of specifying and using Structural Fill on our Information Sheet.

We offer CPD’s on the full range of Civil Engineering Applications for EPS, helping you develop your knowledge and skills through practical learning. Simply contact us enquiriesuk@sundolitt.com and one of our experts will be in touch.

If you have a project or application you would like to discuss please give us a call on 01786 471586, or e-mail us enquiriesuk@sundolitt.com

Structural Fill Technical Data Sheet

Structural Fill Information Sheet

Application Design and Information

Structural Fill Road Construction

Standard Specification Clauses for our Structural Fill EPS Blocks for Civil Engineering applications – S70, S100, S150, S200, S250, S300, S350, S400 and S500 as well as our Structural Fill EPS Blocks containing Flame Retardant Additive – SE70, SE100, SE150, SE200, SE250, SE300, SE350, SE400and SE500 are all available to use below.

Standard Specification Clauses for Structural Fill EPS Blocks

S70 Structural Fill

S100 Structural Fill

S150 Structural Fill

S200 Structural Fill 

S250 Structural Fill

S300 Structural Fill 

S350 Structural Fill 

S400 Structural Fill

S500 Structural Fill

EPS Blocks containing Flame Retardant Additive

SE70 Structural Fill

SE100 Structural Fill

SE150 Structural Fill

SE200 Structural Fill

SE250 Structural Fill

SE300 Structural Fill

SE350 Structural Fill 

SE400 Structural Fill 

SE500 Structural Fill

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