Our Products

Under the Sundolitt brand, we manufacture and supply EPS (expanded polystyrene) and XPS (extruded polystyrene) products in a wide range of sizes, shapes and specifications for use in the construction and civil engineering sectors. These products can be used for high-performance insulation in walls, floors, roofs and substructures as well as for civil engineering projects, for example, to reduce the volume of soil or fill needed in voids or to provide solid foundations or support.
Under the Sunpack brand, we are an established market leader in protective packaging solutions which are either manufactured in house or can be supplied as ‘traded’ products. All our products offer insulating and impact resistant packaging for storage and transportation, making a major contribution to reducing food waste or product damage. These are widely used in the fish and seafood industry as well as for fresh produce packs and where fragile or sensitive products require high levels of protection in transit – for example electrical and electronic goods and ‘growing’ horticultural products. EPS is a packaging material with virtually limitless design potential and our Correx® range of packaging products can be fabricated to meet your needs.
Through our Sunde Group, we can also supply high quality expandable polystyrene raw materials in granular form for conversion by commercial and manufacturing customers. Please click here to contact our Export Team in Norway who will be happy to deal with your enquiry.