Sundolitt can assist in the design and manufacture of a wide range of bespoke or tailored products made from EPS or Correx®. Typical applications include bespoke protection for fragile or high value items such as engineering, electronic or computer components to ensure safe transit between manufacturing sites or from manufacture to storage, distribution and end-user.
Significant advantages come with light weight and high impact resistance. The materials we use also offer exceptional design versatility enabling virtually limitless shapes and sizes to be formed for the maximum protection of complex or delicate objects.
Please read more about our bespoke solutions. With our long experience and advanced resources, we are confident that Sundolitt can assist in developing the optimum and most economic solution for your business:
  • Fragile or delicate engineering or computer components
  • High value products for transit from site to site, for distribution, storage or end to end user
  • Products that need a controlled temperature or complex shaped items that need protection from movement or impact in transit
  • Products that need protection from moisture, mould or rodent attack
  • Large and/or heavy household goods such as washing machines, fridges, tumble dryers etc
  • Products that need tailored protective packing inserts to prevent damage to moving parts