Sundolitt EPS products are widely used in the horticultural and market gardening sectors where they offer a range of solutions. Because EPS is a naturally insulating material which also offers strong impact resistance, it is the ideal material for fresh produce transit or for seed cell trays and pot trays where it reduces “thermal shock” to young seedlings thus enhancing growth and reducing loss.
EPS is also extremely light weight – comprising 98% air – and is therefore very easy to carry and transport. Our trays support successful horticulture from planting right through to point of sale. All of our products offer outstanding environmental credentials.
Sundolitt EPS horticultural and market gardening products have been developed in close collaboration with the UK horticultural industry.
We can provide a bespoke design for your needs or supply a wide range of standard specifications including single and double trays from 5 cells to 48 cells and from 6 to 18 pots.