XPS (extruded polystyrene) is extremely strong, absorbs a minimum of water, has a long service life and is easy to handle. Sundolitt XPS can withstand extreme loads making the material well suited for use in structures where there are strict requirements for solid flooring and foundations. It is ideal for insulating railway lines, airports and roads where heavy traffic loadings are expected as well as for the insulation of industrial floors, cold stores and chill stores. XPS is not affected by rain, snow or frost and can be stored outside.
Sundolitt XPS boards are available with both square and overlapping edges – the latter having the advantage of preventing thermal bridging should the boards slide slightly apart during installation.
In particular, the closed pore system of XPS reduces moisture absorption as proved by tests carried out using both submersion and diffusion indicating XPS retains its insulating capacity even in moist surroundings thus offering protection against air and ground frost whilst remaining an extremely lightweight material.