Shape Moulding

EPS from Sundolitt is an extremely versatile product capable of being moulded into many different shapes for use within the construction industry. Whether your application is primarily for insulation purposes, architectural detailing or the creation of actual building elements EPS may well be a perfect solution.Sundolitt has many years experience creating bespoke products such as insulated flooring panels, insulated concrete formwork (ICF), foundation systems and highly technical products for venting noxious gases from under buildings.
High-performance moulded EPS components can be produced to customers’ needs to accommodate virtually limitless architectural and design features whether in walls, floors or roofing. EPS is easily moulded to shape and size appropriate for major building works where exceptional thermal insulation and high load-bearing qualities are required.
Please let us know if you have a project that may require our specialist help and advice on shape moulding.