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F - Element Foundation System

Sundolitt has developed the F - Element as part of its programme for MMC - Modern Methods of Construction

Sundolitt's F - Element Foundation System is manufactured from expanded polystyrene and provides quick, easy and cost-effective foundation construction - part of Sundolitt's innovative approach to MMC - Modern Methods of Construction.
The F - Element is designed to provide a quick and easy-to-assemble foundation, for garages, storerooms and houses without a cellar, while providing a high level of thermal insulation.
A quick and easy foundation plus excellent thermal insulation . . . . . all in one.
U Value with a concrete slab : 0.11  W/m²K
Linear heat loss with a brick wall   : 0.12 W/mK
Linear heat loss with a timber wall : 0.10 W/mK
A complete system of pre-moulded elements, with inner and outer 90° corners and specially designed flexible plastic fixings, to secure the elements to one another.
Other angles can be cut to order.
•  No heavy lifting equipment or special skills required.
•  No capillary action.
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  • BS EN 13163          • BS EN ISO 9001: 2008            • ISO 14001